November 20, 2020

Twitter Fleets: Twitter’s New Feature. Now Live

Twitter has been around for nearly 15 years now, after launching in 2006. In 2020, Twitter has around 330 million active users from different countries around the world and has become one of the most popular social media platforms for news, updates, thoughts and more.

Over time, Twitter has become more competitive and is used by many people to promote products or services, talents or to share thoughts and feelings with friends and family. In the present day, Twitter is a place where users can react, comment and share tweets from others, which like anything, has both positive and negative outcomes.

Twitter Fleets are a new feature that has just been released to try and tackle some of the negative aspects of tweeting publicly and competing for the public’s approval.

What is a Twitter Fleet?

A Twitter fleet is very similar to the stories feature on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat. A Twitter fleet allows a user to post content that is only available to view for 24 hours. The user can choose who they allow to view their fleets, and their fleets will only show on the fleets feature, not on the user’s timeline.

Twitter fleets do not allow other users to comment, retweet or react publicly, which can help people feel more comfortable with posting thoughts and feelings on the social media site. After reviewing feedback and the different issues associated with tweeting, Twitter found that many users felt uneasy about posting content that could be judged and commented on by others, as well as feeling anxious about tweets being left permanently on a timeline for all to view. The general consensus was that many would write a Tweet and then send it to drafts with the worry that their followers would judge them or react negatively to their post. 

Twitter has introduced fleets as a way for users to spontaneously post content that will only be available to selected users and can only be seen for 24 hours. The new feature hopes to encourage more people to post on Twitter without uncomfortable or worrying.

Furthermore, people can only react or reply to a fleet privately via direct message

What Does Fleet Mean?

To ‘fleet’ means to disappear quickly, which is why Twitter chose the name for their new feature. Any fleets posted by users will disappear completely from view after 24 hours and will only be available for others to view on the fleets feature at the top of a timeline.

The idea of fleeting content will make Twitter users feel more comfortable in posting informally, without being criticized or reviewed publicly.

How Do I Enable Fleets on Twitter?

Once the feature becomes available, users will be able to add a fleet by clicking their profile icon at the top of a timeline and choosing to add to their fleet story. There will be options that allow Twitter users to select exactly who they want to display their fleet to. Once you post a fleet, you will be able to see exactly who has viewed it, just like on Instagram stories. 

How Do I View Other’s Fleets?

You will be able to view the fleets from users that you are following at the top of your timeline on Twitter. If you are able to direct message the user, then you will also be able to reply to any of their fleets privately. Replying to a fleet will open up a conversation in your direct messages. You will not be able to publicly reply to a fleet. Don’t forget that users can see exactly who viewed their fleet, so if you open a fleet, the user will know.

Twitter fleets first look

What Should I Post on Fleets?

The fleets feature allows you to post text, photos, videos or share your own previous tweets. Twitter encourages users to post fleets of whatever is on their mind, which will only be available for others to view for 24 hours in the fleets feature at the top of the Twitter timeline. Fleets are made for more casual content that you do not want to keep permanently on your Twitter profile.

The maximum video length for Twitter fleets is 30-seconds from your gallery or 60-seconds if the video is filmed in the Twitter app.

Fleets will also let you type up to 280 characters.

If you are still trying to get your head around for Twitter for business without adding Twitter fleets to the mix, read some of our earlier Twitter blogs. If you are still struggling maybe a consultation with a social media consultant will benefit you and your business. 

Happy fleeting.

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