Social Media Marketing


Social media is more popular than ever before in Ireland and the rest of the world, with nearly 4 billion people now using a variety of platforms to connect with others online.

These revolutionary numbers make social media marketing incredibly useful for businesses to boost their brand awareness, capture their target audience and reach marketing goals.

Social media allows a business to easily access a certain demographic, no matter where in the world they are, taking advertising to a new and more affordable level.

However, social media marketing may not work for every brand if there are not effective marketing strategies in place.

Luckily, there are a lot of useful tools, resources and social media marketing agencies available to help you reach your marketing goals through social media.

How your social media marketing campaign will look

Define Goals

The foundation of any marketing strategy is to have defined goals that you are working towards. Your goal could be to gain more social media followers, build brand awareness or drive conversions on your website.

If there isn’t a goal or mission in what you are doing, it is likely to produce little results and you will most probably be wasting your time.

We will help you establish achievable and realistic goals that are specific and can be measured in some way.


Understand Target Audience

Once you truly know which audience your business would like to capture, you can decide which platforms you will use to achieve your goals.

We will work with you to help you understand who your current customer is and who your target audience is.

Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar is the most organised and efficient way to start planning your social content. Having a plan in place will make it easier to achieve your social media marketing goals.

There is a wide range of content that can be used to engage a potential customer and help build the brand awareness.

Publish Engaging Content

Once we have created your initial strategy, understand your objectives, and create your content we will publish your content.

Social Media posts will be approved first by the client and scheduled at a time that suits your current and/or your desired audience.

We will take factors such as day of the week and time of day into account when publishing content online. We will use social media analytic tools to support finding the best time.

There are a variety of content publishing and planning platforms available and while we have our favourites we are familiar with most of the popular tools.

Analyse Results

Without analysis and reporting, how would you know if social media marketing is working?

Social media marketing is all about testing out different social media posts and strategies until you find the ones with the best outcome for your business. We will monitor and adjust your social media campaigns based on changes on social media and results.

Tools we use:

  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Hotjar
  • Rival IQ

What lowers your chance of success?

There are many factors that make a business successful with its social media marketing. There are also many factors that hold you back: 

  • Content creation can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for small businesses.
  • Add to this the fact that different types of content – videos, images, quotes, press releases – are available on multiple platforms and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.
  • Keeping up with trends can add extra work to your business. 
  • With new social platforms emerging every single day, it’s important for brands to tailor their strategies to stay on top of what works best for their brand.
  • Not developing a strategy that fits the unique characteristics of the platform.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

One of the best decisions you can make for your business is to engage The Social Network to handle your social media marketing needs.

We provide a wide range of services:

  • Social media profile set up
  • Content creation
  • Blog Posts
  • Custom social media strategy
  • Content management across various social media platforms
  • Well-executed social media advertising campaigns
  • Custom-tailored online advertising programs using techniques that target specific demographics.
  • Digital Marketing Audits
  • Social Media Listening
  • Full Social Media Management
  • Social Media Training
  • Social Media Consultancy
  • Facebook Ad Management

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing involves the creation of quality content to connect with a specific target audience in order to reach business goals. In many cases, effective social media marketing has allowed a brand to go viral online – catapulting sales, engagement and the number of people that have heard of the brand.

The most important aspect of social media marketing is creating engaging content that captures a certain audience and encourages them to find out more about a brand. Although social media marketing relies heavily on content and creativity, it is also crucial that a business has the ability to take in and interpret data from social media, so that they can distinguish what is and isn’t working towards goals.

Don’t Struggle

Many businesses struggle with this or just simply don’t have time, but The Social Network can help! We offer social media management, consultancy and training, and have helped a number of brands to increase their ROI.

Social media marketing is completely flexible in terms of a monetary budget, which is why it works so well for small businesses. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow users to create pay-per-click ads (PPC) which can be targeted towards a specific demographic, location or a group of people with a particular interest.

Paid ads as part of a social media marketing strategy can be extremely helpful, but they may not be necessary! Brands can just as easily create and publish quality content for free, without having to pay for ads, depending on the business and its audience.

Which are the Most Popular Social Media Platforms?

There is a range of social media platforms, some that have always been extremely popular (e.g. Facebook), and others that are much newer but have taken the world by storm (e.g. TikTok).

Understanding each platform and knowing which is the best social media network for your target demographic is extremely important when it comes to social media marketing.



Perhaps one of the most well known social media platforms out there, Facebook is officially the world’s most popular social network, with over 2.5 billion active users!

Facebook may also be one of the most versatile platforms available, with a wide age range and gender of users. This means that Facebook is among the most effective social platforms for marketing your brand online. Facebook is a great platform for reaching private customers (B2C) rather than connecting with other businesses (B2B).

Most Common Age Range: 25 to 34-year olds



Instagram is also owned by Facebook, but became incredibly popular in 2012, primarily a photo-sharing app. In the present day, Instagram is the second-most popular social network, with features such as Instagram stories, IGTV, shopping, paid ads and more!

Instagram is also highly recommended to brands that want to focus on engaging with private customers and followers (B2C).

However, compared to Facebook, Instagram captures a much younger audience, which makes it ideal for a company looking to target their online advertising at a younger demographic.

Most Common Age Range: 18 to 29-year olds


Like Facebook, Twitter has been a part of the social networking world for years and therefore gets primarily used by an older age range.

Twitter is different to Instagram in the fact that it encourages text-based posts, although it also allows the publishing of photos and videos, which is crucial for capturing attention while advertising online.

In the present day, Twitter is a great place for business-to-business marketing (B2B) and allows brands to stay up to date with industry news, politics, trending hashtags and more.

Most Common Age Range: 30 to 49-year olds


LinkedIn is primarily a B2B platform and gives brands around the world the opportunity to market themselves to other businesses, build professional partnerships, and find qualified candidates for job opportunities.

If your business is looking for commercial customers, LinkedIn is a great platform to focus on.

Most Common Age Range: 46 to 55-year olds


TikTok was created as a video-sharing platform and became viral when people began posting dance and funny videos, as well as other entertaining social media content.

TikTok is the ideal platform for those that are targeting their social media strategy to a creative, young audience. Many businesses have been able to use TikTok as a place to go viral and the platform is perfect for brands that take a liking to create videos and gaining engagement in a relaxed and vibrant way.

TikTok is for B2C marketing.

Most Common Age Range: 18 to 29-year olds

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