Find the right twitter tip for you!

Twitter can be a minefield. Angry people, spammers, and hilarious celebrity accounts can make it hard to focus, stay impartial and promote your business. Hopefully, even one twitter tip from the list below can make your experience on the social media platform a little easier.

1. Get your emoji on! ( my fave twitter tip)

It can be pretty annoying trying to include an emoji in your post, especially when working from your desktop. Well, this little hack is going to make your day – click in the box where you are about to write, then press ctrl, cmd and the space bar at the same time and voila, there’s your emoji menu!

And now that you know where to find them, add some emojis to your profile – a great way to let your personality shine through.

2. Use an image to beat the 280 character limit

Like this seems so obvious now that we’ve heard it. So the deal, if you want to say more than Twitter will allow, take a picture of your message instead. A quick workaround is to take a screenshot of a note on your phone. Depending on the content this can look lazy, so, if you have the time, create a graphic and sure why not use the opportunity to pop your company logo on there too!

3. Pin it!

Got something important to say? Don’t want your message to disappear down your feed? Pin your tweet and it will stay at the top of your feed. Now, when someone visits your profile, this will the first thing they see.

How to do it:

1. Click the ^ icon in the top right corner of your Tweet

2. Select Pin to your profile.

3. Click Pin to confirm.


4. Retweet yourself (the obvious twitter tip)

We repeat, retweet yourself! Ok, so you need to choose the tweet to retweet wisely so as not to annoy people, but this clever little twitter tip will extend the lifespan of your content and help you reach new audiences.

5. Save for later

Spot a tweet you would like to revisit when you have more time? Best to bookmark it so that you don’t have to waste time scrolling trying to find it later.

Simply tap the share icon at the bottom right of your tweet and select Add Tweet to Bookmarks.

6. Track the competition

Do you often find yourself searching for your competitors to see what they are up to? A quick and easy way to keep an eye on their posts is to create a private list and add them. The cool thing is you don’t have to be following them to add them and they won’t know you have added them to the private list.

7. List the lists

Speaking of lists, here is a simple trick to find out what public lists you are on – its also a nifty little way to see how your brand is being perceived.

1. Click your profile icon

2. Select Lists

3. Scroll down and select the Member of tab

Read more about twitter lists here

8. Unroll a thread

This is an awesome hack that has made muddling our way through lengthy threads a much nicer experience. Also, a great help if you want to copy and paste the entire thread. All you have to do is send a reply with “@threadreaderapp unroll” and a bot will respond with a link to the unrolled text. Magic!

9. Get the search results you want with this twitter tip

Did you know you there are advance search settings that will help you find exactly what you are looking for? To refine your search, enter your query in the search box. When your results pop up, you will then see the Advanced Search option in the Search Filters box on the right-hand side of your screen on desktop. Here you can narrow your search down to exact phrases and words and even to a specific time period.

10. Go to the dark side

This is an excellent way to give your eyes a break, especially if you are looking at your screen for long periods on a regular basis. Twitter offers a ‘Dim’ or ‘Lights Out’ option. Either option will instantly take the glare down several notches.

To go dark, simply:

  • Click on Settings and Privacy
  • Select the Display and Sound tab (Display on desktop).
  •  Select Dark Mode
  •  Choose Dim or Lights out.

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