June 21, 2020

Platform Update: Twitter Scheduling and Replies Management

If you’re active on Twitter, then you likely already utilise a third-party platform for scheduling your tweets in advance. Preplanning and scheduling tweets is highly recommended as it means your content will be more consistent and well thought out. Scheduling also allows for time to proofread and decide on suitable links or imagery before tweets go live.

You may have noticed that you can now schedule tweets from within the platform itself. As with any new platform update, users will have different opinions as to whether it’s good or not depending on how they use Twitter. Here’s what we think…


  • Now that you can schedule within Twitter, you could save yourself some money on the cost associated with using a separate third-party platform. This budget could be used elsewhere in your marketing efforts to increase your reach and exposure.
  • Platform updates such as the new scheduling tool and replies management (more on that later) mean that Twitter is open to developing and improving. This, in theory, will mean good things for those who utilise it already. An improved platform means a better Marketing tool. Furthermore, we may see users who have never used Twitter, or who left it years ago, return and therefore open up your potential reach.


  • However, scheduling within Twitter and then moving over to Facebook to schedule manually may save you money, but it won’t save you time. Most third-party scheduling platforms will allow you to post to both Facebook and Twitter at once, thus saving time. Some will also include LinkedIn and Instagram, which is even better.
  • Moving from platform to platform to review insights and analytics is also time-consuming. A third-party platform will collate the results from all connected accounts to allow you to analyse and compare. Once again, saving valuable time that could be spent on producing more fantastic content.

Twitter Replies Management

As mentioned above, Twitter is also trialling a new feature whereby users will be able to manage who can reply to their tweets. What we’re calling ‘Replies Management’ will allow those using Twitter, whether it’s for business or pleasure, to only receive replies from users of their choice. The options are Everyone, People They Follow, or People They Mention within the tweet.

Being able to manage replies has the potential to make Twitter a nicer place to engage. While freedom of speech is essential, protecting your brand reputation is too.

Twitter Marketing

If you’re not currently utilising Twitter as a marketing tool, then here are four great ways to build your brand exposure and make the most out of the platform:


Twitter is a fantastic tool to utilise when attending events. Use the designated event hashtag to connect with those also attending, or those who wish they could and are following online, to do some virtual networking. You can also share updates leading up to, during and after the event with details of your stand or what you’re learning throughout the day.


Speaking of hashtags, they are a great way to join Twitter conversations or follow what people are saying on a particular topic. It would be beneficial to use hashtags in your tweets too, which will help others discover you.

Take a look at the most popular hashtags, what’s trending and what your competitors are using. It’s essential to frequently conduct hashtag research to ensure you’re using the best ones for your business and industry.

You could also consider creating a business hashtag that you use each time you tweet and then encourage your customers to do the same. A business hashtag will tie your content together nicely, and you can include it on other areas of your digital and print marketing.

Social Listening 

Several users will use Twitter to praise publicly or complain about businesses and their experiences. They will often utilise the ‘@’ tagging feature, so you will see straight away what people have to say, but it’s crucial to keep up your ‘Social Listening’ so you can join the conversation.

The tagging tool works both ways too. Some businesses ‘thank’ new followers or customers plus you can use this feature to tag in the creator of any customer-generated content.


Twitter has recently introduced ‘Topics’ where users can follow streams dedicated to specific themes. Following key topics associated with your business and industry will help keep you as up to date as possible with all the goings-on.

When relevant, share trends and articles from your account. Remember that your followers will expect you to be the fountain of knowledge in your industry, so only share information that you know is accurate and correct.

Read our more in-depth piece on Twitter Topics here.

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