June 18, 2019

What is “Google My Business”?

Google has taken itself to the highest level, and it’s still building more and more stairs to reach the sky. The thing about Google is that it can help your small business in various ways you could never have imagined.

Did you know that about three out of four people crawl their way over to the Internet to shop online? And more importantly, more than seven out of ten people successfully shop online after they find the online store using the search engine. That’s how powerful the search engines are. In case people face any kind of problem or want specific answers, they visit Google and type in their query. So what’s the positive side of it for your business? How can you take it to your advantage? That’s where “Google My Business” tool comes in.

What is “Google My Business”?

“Google My Business” is a tool that’s totally free of cost and would help your small business create as well as manage their listings on Google. Let’s learn a little about Google listings. Suppose a customer wants to buy a particular product online or let’s just suppose the customer wants to find a shop locally where he/she can buy his/her desired product. Now the customer would type in the name of the product on Google in order to find a relevant business that sells one such kind of product. Creating and managing your Google listing would allow your business to be displayed right there. It would help your business attract new customers as you would be able to share information about your business to your potential customers.  

Why is it essential for your business to get listed right now?

After you get your business listed, your customers would be able to find out about your business when they type the name of the products as well as services you have to offer. They would be able to get in touch with you instantly. After all, that’s what you want. Did you know that more than a billion businesses have got their name listed on Google and are able to connect with their customers directly?

How can “Google My Business” help you?

Google My Business will help you get listed, thereby helping you attract more customers. Apart from that, it will help you in various ways like :

Engage with your potential customers

The business that engages is the business that succeeds. It’s vital for your business to engage with your potential customers. That’s how you will be able to attract more of the new ones. Customers just love giving feedbacks. They would be able to share their reviews about their experience with your business. They would be able to share their stories. “Google My Business” will help you join the conversation and respond to the reviews. This tool will help you answer the questions raised by them. And that’s how you will rise to the top.

Stand out from your competitors on Google My Business

A simple hack to your business succeeding is that you need to stand out from your competitors. And that’s what we want you to do. Customers love staying updated about their favorite businesses. And you must give them what they really love. With the help of “Google My Business,” you will be able to share the latest as well as useful information with your potential customers. You will be sharing various offers as well as photos with your potential customers. 

Discover how your potential customers find out about your business

Google My Business will provide you with valuable, relevant information about how your customers will be able to find your business and how they would love interacting with your listing. You will be able to track factors such as incoming phone calls and requests as well as the number of searches for your business. The tool will provide you with extra information, such as which photos are being noticed by the customers and where most of your customers are located.

A Free Mobile-Optimized Website In Just 10 Minutes

In today’s era, every business must own a website. It’s crucial. With the help of the tool, you would be able to bless your business with a free website in a matter of minutes. It consists of a feature that would help you create as well as edit website from your computer.

How to get started right now?

You need to get your business listed right now. You can get your business listed in just a matter of minutes.

  • Create your business listing by visiting “Google My Business.” The first step is “Sign Up.”
  • Enter the name as well as address of your business in the Search box. Select a relevant listing if it appears or just proceed with creating a new one. Enter relevant details about your business.
  • You need to verify your business. For that, Google will check if your business is located where you have mentioned it has. You would be sent a postcard with a verification pin. Expect it in a matter of a week or two.
  • Complete the Verification.

After successfully completing the verification, you are nearly done. Congratulations! You have successfully listed your business on Google, and you will now be able to attract new potential customers.

So what are you waiting for? Get your business listed right now! Get in touch to see how we can help.

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