Understanding Social Media Terms- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Say what? 

A breakdown of the most used words on social media.

Love social media, but not too sure what some of the jargon means? We’ve created this glossary so that you will be able to talk the talk of social media with confidence and ease.

You’ll be liking, mentioning and using #hashtags in no time.


Activity Log

This is where you can view all your scheduled content, as well as anything you have posted to your page in the past.


 A comment is where people can write or respond under a post.

Cover Photo

The large photo on the top of your profile that anyone visiting your profile will be able to see.

Display Ad

This is an ad you create and it is then shown on the right-hand side of Facebook along with other ads.


This measures how people have interacted with your post – likes, reactions, comments and shares.


This is a cool feature that allows you to set up a page dedicated to your parties, family celebrations or business events!

Facebook Live

This is where you can stream live video on Facebook.

Facebook Reactions

When Like just isn’t enough! You can also choose Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry.


A fan is someone who has liked your business page. They don’t have to send you a request, they become a fan automatically after they press the thumbs up button.


You become friends with someone after you send them a request (or they send you one) and you accept it. You will then start to see their latest posts and updates on your newsfeed.

Facebook Group

Public or private, a group is where a number of people come together to talk about a specific topic in one place.


This is where you will find all the stats for your page – how many likes you have, how many people viewed your page and what posts were the most popular.


This is how you can give positive feedback on a post or how you become a fan of a page or business.


This is a post that includes a link to other content.


A post that includes media – an image or a video.


This function allows you to send a private message to another Facebook user.

News Feed

This is the first thing you see when you log on to Facebook. It’s where you see new posts and updates from pages and profiles you like.


This is the home for your business, a place where customers can find your information, contact details and posts.

Page Like

When someone clicks the thumbs up on your page, any updates you post will show up on their feed.

Post Clicks

This is the number of people who clicked on anything in your post. For example, a picture with a “read more” call to action.


This is the term used for sharing content on your profile/page.


Your own personal page, that only you have access to post content to.

Profile Picture

This is the picture you have chosen to represent you or your business. It will show up on all of your posts.


This is the number of unique people who saw your content. It will also include anyone who saw your content through a paid post.

Organic Reach

The number of unique people who saw your post, not including sponsored or paid ads.

Paid Reach

The number of people who saw your content because of an ad or sponsored post you paid for.

Promoted Post or Boost 

This is where you pay so that your post or content is shown to more friends or fans.


This feature allows you to share content and posts that you enjoy with your Facebook friends and fans.

Sponsored Story

This is when a business pays to highlight that a friend of yours has engaged with their page, event or app. You will usually receive a notification in messenger.


These are the buttons underneath your profile photo. They link to information about your business, location, photos, videos and any apps that you have.

Text-Only Posts

A post that doesn’t include an image, video or links.


This is where you see all your updates on your personal profile or page.

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This is where you will find all your mentions, replies, retweets, and favourites.


This is a tab where you can search for handles, hashtags, and keywords.

Direct Message

If you want to talk to someone privately on Twitter you send them a direct message. To send a direct message put DM at the start of your tweet, or click on the message tab on the person’s profile you want to message.


Similar to Likes on Facebook this is a way to show some positive interaction with the content the tweeter has shared. An added bonus is that you can use it as a way of saving tweets, as they are grouped together for you to look back on at a later time.


When you log on to Twitter you will be brought directly to your feed where you will see posts from people and accounts that you follow.


These are the accounts and people you have chosen to follow and their updates appear in your feed.


People who have chosen to follow your handle are known as followers.


This is the username you have chosen and that your followers will see. It appears with an @ symbol in front of it. 


Hashtags allow your content to be found in a search by someone looking for a specific topic or type of content. It is a word or phrase (no spaces) with the symbol # at the start of it.

Twitter Lists

Lists are when you group your followers together under specific headings or topics so that you can find them easily.


When you include someone’s handle in your tweet they will get a notification to say they have been mentioned in your post. 


It’s possible to reply directly to a tweet. If you do, only the people following you and the person who wrote the original tweet can see your reply if it starts with their handle. If you add characters before their handle then everyone will be able to see your reply.


A retweet is when you repost someone else’s tweet and then it shows up in your feed.

Twitter Trends

The most popular topic or location-driven hashtags at a particular time are considered trends.


This is the content or updates you share with your followers.

Verified Account 

When you see a tick beside a handle you know that this account has been verified by Twitter, usually public individuals, media outlets and big brands.


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Company Page 

On your company page, you can include information about your business, updates from your company and share industry-related content.


This is when you choose to connect with another person.


LinkedIn will show you how you are connected to people by degrees. 1st degree, people you have chosen to connect with. 2nd degree, connections of people you are connected to…and so on!


Like Facebook, groups on LinkedIn can be public or private. They can be created by an individual or a business. They allow a group of users to come together to chat about a designated topic in one place.


You can send an introduction to someone that you are not currently connected with to let them know who you are and why you would like to connect.


This is when you send a message to someone asking them to connect with you and join your network.


This is when you include other accounts in your update, just like on Facebook or Twitter.


Your network is made up of your connections and it also includes the connections of your connections.


Similar to your CV (but not your CV!), this is where you can include information about yourself and your career history.


This is a space where you can write a recommendation for a current or previous colleague based on their professional experience. Anyone who visits their profile will be able to see it.


This is the content, information or updates that you post. 


An influencer on LinkedIn is a key person in your industry who regularly posts useful, insightful and relevant content.

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This is where you can bring all the pins you have saved under one topic. When you are working on different projects it is a great way to organise your thoughts, images, and relevant websites.


This is when you follow other Pinners or their boards.


Click the like button to let the Pinner know you have enjoyed their Pin!


This is when you include another Pinner in your post. Just like on Facebook and Twitter they will get an alert to let them know you have mentioned them.


A person who saves an image, video or web page to a board.


A pin is an image or video that you have saved to a Board from a webpage or your computer. You can search pins, save the ones you like or click on a Pin for more information.


This is when you share someone else’s pin. 


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