August 30, 2021

The Ultimate Guide of Social Media Post Ideas

The average business should post on Social Media around 3 times a week, which means a whopping 156 post ideas are required per year! It can be overwhelming trying to think of that many things to say about your business but we’re here to help with the ultimate post inspo.

Here are our top thirty Social Media post ideas to help pad out your planner!

What’s Your Name And Where D’ya Come From?

Potential customers will find you across Social Media and so you need to use this opportunity to educate them on all things you, your products and services and your brand.

ultimate guide of social media posts 1

1. About You
Whether these posts are about you as the person behind the business, a professional in your industry or just about the business in general, use your Social Media platforms to show some personality behind the posts.

2. Meet The Team
The best way to ensure loyal customers is to build a good rapport with them on a personal level, not just as a business. Meet the team posts are a great way to show off the face(s) behind the brand and share personal insights such as specialities.

3. Behind The Scenes
Another fantastic insight into the brand is to show off ‘behind the scenes’ clips. Instagram and Facebook Stories are a great space for this as they only last 24-hours but tap into our nosey nature.

4. Testimonials
Want to tell your audience how great you are without sounding bias? Get your previous or existing customers to do it for you! Encourage your customers to share any positive experiences with you or on your Social Media accounts to encourage new potential customers across the line.

5. Vacancies
Social Media platforms, especially LinkedIn, are a handy tool for finding your next star employee. Share a post with an outline of what you’re looking for and a clear call to action explaining how to apply.

Products And Services

6. What You Do / Sell
Of course, the ultimate goal for a business will be to generate sales and (with the right balance of posts) Social Media can help. Use your platforms to increase awareness of your products or services and drive traffic to your social stores or website.

7. Where And When?
Do you have a brick and mortar store or are you online only? Perhaps you attend events across the country with a stall. Whatever it may be, help make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy from you by letting them know where you’ll be and when!

8. Discounts And Promotions
Whether it’s part of annual occasions such as Black Friday or Boxing Day Sales, or you’re just looking to give your followers a treat, where possible, offering discounts or promotions across Social Media will help encourage your audience to make a purchase.

9. Launching New Product Or Services
You may think this is a no-brainer but with the stress of launching a new product or service, it’s easy to forget the basics. Share your new products or services with your existing audiences across Social Media to help drive awareness and desire. You could even do some teaser posts leading up to the launch.

10. Blog Posts
Sharing blog posts across your Social Media accounts will help you showcase your industry knowledge and expertise while driving traffic to your website. Share enough of the post to get their attention then link off to your site for the full feature.


ultimate guide of social media posts 2

Questions & Answers

11. Live Q&A
You’ll know more than most about your industry so hosting a live Q&A will help showcase your knowledge and allow your audience to ask questions in real-time. You could even invite other significant members of your industry to join you.

12. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Use any questions from the Q&A sessions plus any other frequently asked questions to create a series of FAQ posts. These posts will likely encourage your audience to continue asking questions so be sure to answer and engage back.

13. How To Guide
Another helpful insight to Q&A’s is understanding customer pain points and if there’s any confusion around your products. By sharing How To Guides, you can help reduce any misunderstanding whilst raising awareness of your brand and products.

14. Video Demonstrations
Similar to the above, video demonstrations are a fantastic way to share lots of information in a Social Media friendly and easy to consume manner.

Social Media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, put extra priority on video content so you’re more likely to reach a greater portion of your audience with them compared to static image posts.


15. Seasonal
From Blue Monday to New Year’s Eve and every Valentine’s, Easter and Black Friday in-between, the calendar is full of opportunities to reach out to your customers.

Remember, not everything on Social Media should be about finding an opportunity to sell. Use these days to wish your followers well and thank them for their continued support.

16. Opening Hours
As the season changes so may your opening hours. Topical occasions such as Bank Holidays or Christmas may lead to reduced (or even extended) opening hours so be sure to share these with your audience so they don’t miss out.

17. National Days
It’s important to stay on brand when posting to Social Media but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have fun with it. There seems to be a national day 365 days of the year so take some time to research the ones most relevant to you and your audience and be sure to include them in your content planner.

18. Hashtag Days
From #MondayMotivation to #SundayFunday there is literally a suitable hashtag for every day of the week. Utilise these when populating your planners to create topical posts but also increase your organic reach. 

ultimate guide of social media posts 3


As much as it helps to plan ahead and schedule posts in advance, there will always be an element of ad-hoc posting when relevant.

19. Articles
Whether they’re written by you or not, sharing relevant articles will help add value to your follower’s feed and contribute to a balanced marketing mix.

If you’re going to share articles written by others then make sure it’s a trusted, reliable source and shared within an appropriate time frame. There’s no point scheduling an article for several weeks ahead in case its content is outdated by then.

20. Industry Updates
As and when changes occur within your industry it’s good to share them across Social Media to show you’re ‘in the know’ and help your audience stay in the loop also.

It’s only worth sharing changes once they’re official, there’s very little point in sharing ‘potential’ news unless you’re looking for customer’s opinions and to trigger a conversation.

21. Company Updates
Similar to the above, as and when significant updates or changes occur within your company it’s nice to keep your customers in the loop. These could be important milestones, award wins or even employee promotions. Social Media should be a place to share the good news!

22. Recommendations
Lots of businesses have active communities with multiple contributors. For example, Builders often work alongside specialists like Electricians or Plumbers, while Estate Agents involve Solicitors.

If you have recommended suppliers then share them on your Social Media and ask them to do the same in return. This will help both your business’s brand awareness and no doubt benefit your audience. It’s all about making their life easier after all.

Alternatively, it could be a local charity that you support and want to give a shout-out to. Potential customers will be happy to see you giving back and it’s all for a good cause.

23. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Many businesses across multiple industries work hard to meet their corporate social responsibilities. This may well be what gives you the competitive edge so don’t forget to let your customers know.


ultimate guide of social media posts 4

24. Events
Whether they’re online or offline, you’re hosting or attending – sharing before, during and after updates around events will keep your audience engaged in your activity and it’s a great way to build awareness.

Events often use specific hashtags so be sure to include these in your posts and encourage your audience to join in.

25. Webinars
Whether you’re hosting, participating in or simply recommending them to your audience, webinars are an efficient and popular way of sharing large amounts of information and insight with your audience in an easy to consume format.

26. Case Studies
Think of Case Studies like blog posts and testimonials rolled into one. Here you can showcase your services, how they benefited your existing customers and why your potential ones should commit to using you. Plus, you’ll be able to drive additional traffic to your website!

27. User-Generated Content
Running out of ways to promote your products or services? Call on your existing customers to do it for you! User-Generated Content is a great way to engage your existing customers and share interesting and unique content with your audience.

28. What’s Trending
Brands should be cautious before jumping on the latest trend bandwagon as it’s essential to post high-quality and relevant content – not just what everyone else is doing! However, it can be fun and very Social Media friendly to join in on the latest craze if appropriate.

29. Competitions
Competitions are a fun way of engaging your audience and giving something back. However, it’s important to note any guidelines or restrictions put in place by the Social Media platform and to ensure all T&C’s are clear.

30. Influencer Takeover
Last but not least – Influencers are big across Social Media and if you can connect with someone (or several people) who is relevant to your products, services or industry then invite them to ‘takeover’ your Social Media accounts for a day in the life, tutorial or Q&A for some fresh content.


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