January 7, 2019

Do these things on Pinterest right now. 

Improve your Pinterest Images .

A really good Pinterest image can be the difference between someone clicking/pinning your pin or them scrolling right by. Take the time to create an image worthy of the content you have to share with people. The ideal Pinterest image should have the following things: 

  • Customized size – There is some debate over which size is best for Pinterest.  Pinterest says 600 x 900 pixels is optimal – or any 2:3 size. However I have found 735 x1120 to be just fine. 
  • Great Quality -there are lots of free image sites out there like Pixaby (pixabay.com) that you can get ‘free to use’ images from. 
  • If you have a creative business or a food-based business don’t be afraid to use multiple images to showcase what you do. 
  • Your branding- put in your logo and colours for brand recognition 
  • Minimal text- The image is to capture the viewer’s attention not give them the whole story in that one image. 

Check out what is trending. 

What are people looking for? In the search drop down you will see trending ideas. Use this to help you decide what to pin and key words to use on that day.  

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 12.24.21

Make it easy to be found. 

When you create a board make sure you are making it searchable. 

  • Edit your board to have a good title. 
  • Add 100-200 words of text in the ‘about’ section to describe what the board is. Use keywords here to make it easier for people to find. It is easy to do keyword research on Pinterest for your business. Go to the search bar and type in a topic.  It will then give you a list of related topics that people are searching for below. Use the most relevant words from here. 
01e242fd-c9a6-4af3-8ab1-9fbdd7a73a30Key word research.
  • Select a category which best reflects what your board is about 
  • Add your custom Pinterest image with your branding as the cover image. 
  • Add a collaborator. If you have a team member or a partner this can be a great way to share the load. If you have a Facebook community this can be a great way to work together. 
66da7950-45cd-41d6-bfd4-721eff803377thesocialnetwork.ie board example

 Creating a Pin. 

  • Add your amazing image we talked about at the start. 
  • Add your url. Don’t just use your website home page, be sure to use the full url. 
  • Add a description of the Pin you have created. The length of your description really does matter. Please don’t just think writing the name of the blog or recipe for example will be enough. You need a description that is at least 300 characters long.  
  • Use keywords (as mentioned above) and hashtags. Hashtags and keywords have the ability to make your pins appear higher in search results on Pinterest. Be sure this appears natural and don’t just use random key words for the sake of it. With hashtags don’t use more than 20. 
  • Add a call to action that you’d like someone to take such as “click here to register”, “pin this on your favourite board”, “more information here”, etc. 

If you want to advertise your Pin. 

All pins submitted for Pinterest advertising must be approved before your campaign will start. Some reasons why pin’s get rejected: 

  • Lack of content on the pin’s landing page  
  • Hard-sell messages on the text overlay 
  • Prohibited content that is shocking  
  • Sexually explicit content 
  • A (prohibited) call to action  
  • Prices or explicit promotional language


Finally you really should be following us!! More tips on social media are on the way.

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