Let us show you how to add an administrator to a Facebook Business Page?

Are you still confused about what kinds of functions are available and what kinds aren’t on your Facebook Business Page?

That’s completely alright because various business owners and social media representatives are also in this dilemma. If you’re operating a business, sometimes you can’t just run all the sectors all by yourself and will definitely require assistance in developing ads and promoting campaigns. Facebook clearly understands this need and has given all it’s business pages the ability to add other individuals to the business page, whether they are employees or representatives from the marketing agencies.

Before we begin to help you understand the process of adding an administrator, now is a good time to first go over the basic differences between various online management systems and their purposes.


The administrator holds the most authoritative role and has access to all the Page manager roles for security purposes. The other roles of the admin include:

  • Create and delete promotion posts
  • Remove people causing hindrance from the page
  • Edit the page and add apps
  • Respond or delete posts or comments of the users
  • Create Ads
  • View page analytics


The main role of the editor is to create content for the business’s page and also manage day-to-day activities. The editor holds similar accesses as that of the admin except for managing settings and assigning Page roles.


Analyst of the page holds the least role in control and access in the Business Page and can view only the page insights. An analyst is basically the employee who works with content planning and strategy. 

It is very vital for the Facebook Business Page owners to maintain control over their page and limit the access for security purposes.

Now let’s imagine, one of your page administrators has called in sick or has gone for a business meeting. Now, the problem is who will log in to create posts or edit the page? It’s always a good idea to undertake two administrators for the efficient functioning of your Facebook Page. It’s very simple to add a new one though.

Here’s how you can add an administrator to Facebook

  • Log in to your Facebook Business Page.
  • Now go to your profile page. As the administrator, you can spot the Settings link, under the blue profile bar at the top right-hand corner.
  • After clicking on that, next you are required to click on the option of Page Roles on the left-hand side.
  • There’s a blank box, you need to type in the name or the email into the box.
  • If the new administrator is a Facebook friend, then the name is enough to choose.
  • If the new administrator isn’t your Facebook friend, then type his/her email associated with their Facebook account.
  • Next is to click on the option of the Editor▼ to choose the designated role from the dropdown menu.
  • That’s it! Just click Save to get your changes accepted and enter your password to confirm the new changes.
Steps to add an admin
Be sure to add them at the right level


By following these simple steps you’ll be on your path to organizing your own efficient squad to help your business flourish by creating ads and find new potential clients. It is very vital for the success of the business to make sure that everyone plays a key role in the business, Facebook included.

If you would like some basic training on the functions of the Facebook business page, like how to add an administrator to Facebook get in touch.