5 Ways to Engage Your Followers

Let’s start 2019 with a bang!


We are going to show you 5 great content ideas that you can do on any Social Media platform that’s going to help with engagement.

The first one is one that’s quite overlooked by the majority of our clients and it’s one that can really spark conversation and in turn, engagement.

Share a Poll

You can run a poll on your Facebook page, on Twitter and on Instagram Stories. You have the option on Facebook to add pictures or .gifs to make it really eye-catching. On Twitter, you are a bit more restricted as you can’t add any images but do make use of emojis here. On Instagram, you can just have 2 options in your poll but you can customise them and create a really fun background with .gifs and nice fonts. Make the poll something relevant to your audience. ‘Who is the best Jedi’, for example? Set up the end date and watch your audience engage. Be sure to share the results of the poll with your audience.

Poll on a Facebook page with .gifs


Poll on Instagram stories

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How about creating a free webinar?

You can do this on Facebook Live which I do for some clients I work with and it works well. You can also download that video afterwards and re-purpose it on YouTube.  On your website, you can cut it up into little pieces and use it for snapshots of your webinar. You can transcribe it and then use that text content for a Blog or quotes. There are loads you can do with it!
When planning a LIVE on your page be sure you promote it before the event. Let people know at least a week before, then each day in the lead up to it. Before you go LIVE on the day, do an Instagram LIVE and a Twitter LIVE to remind people it is on.
Use LIVE’s for
  • a demo or tutorial
  • an interview
  • a giveaway
  • launching a new product or a new service
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Inspirational Quotes

Another thing we use is inspirational quotes to help with engagement. I find these work well on Facebook if you have the right audience and it works very well on Instagram if you use the right hashtags. The thing is you don’t need to have a big budget or have somebody designing them for you. It can be quite easily done on Canva – www.canva.com/templates/posters/quote/. Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Canva. There are other apps out there that you can use, like pic collage and Adobe spark is another quite popular one. Just a note if you are going to use quotes from somebody else’s Instagram or are going to take them from Google be sure that you’re giving credit to the person who created them.  I think it’s better if you create them yourselves and put your own branding on it. This does not have to contain your logo. Use a certain colour and a certain feel and people will recognise that it’s you.

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Be you!

My favourite one is to show your personal side and I am always talking about this and how it’s important it is that you are “you”. That you are raw and real and willing to share that with people. Look I’m not saying you need to share your deepest darkest secrets with all of the Internet. People like to see the people behind the brand. Show the personal side with:
  • a picture of you in the Workspace
  • a picture of your pet or a picture of the cake you are just about to devour
  • celebrate your achievements
  • celebrate your team’s achievements
  • picture of your pet
  • pictures of you giving back to the community
  • seasonal events
  • funny stories
  • new store/new office
If you’ve got a team it’s always good to celebrate their achievements and what they’re doing because that’s showing that you and your team are knowledgeable, you’re charitable or your team gets involved in local events. You are also showing that you are recognising this within your team and you’re supporting it and celebrating it.

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Create a competition

There are ways to run competitions that are not ‘like and share’ competitions. Some of the best ones I’ve seen are:
  • ask people to comment to win
  • spot the difference in two pictures
  • use a 360 video and have something hidden that your followers have to find so (this works well at Christmas time elf on the shelf)
  • submit a photo competition
If you don’t want to run the competition on Facebook itself you can run one off the platform. Just promote it on Facebook. There are apps out there that will help you run contests and capture some valuable email addresses. Just be sure they are GDPR compliant!
So those are just a few tips what you can do in 2019 to drive your social media forward and hopefully increase organic engagement. If your page has been at inactive for a long time or your engagement is incredibly low at the moment, you may want to look at putting a bit of money aside to run ads or boost posts to try to re-engage people who no longer see your content.
That’s it guys have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year and hopefully, we all have an awesome 2019.
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