• Set up a Facebook Page
    How to Create A Facebook Business Page
    What is a Facebook Business Page? A Facebook Business Page is a feature within Facebook where companies can add all of their contact information and market […]
  • Twitter Topics Blog
    Platform Update: Twitter Topics
    Twitter Topics are here! Twitter was launched on July 15, 2006, but, unlike Facebook and other platforms, doesn’t appear to have updated as frequently. The most […]
  • Twitter Video for business
    Twitter Video Tips For Business
    Twitter is a fantastic marketing tool for business that is often underutilised due to people not knowing the best way to maximise its potential. Twitter Video […]
  • Instgram for business
    Easy Ways To Utilise Instagram For Business
    How should you use Instagram For Business? Instagram for business is a fantastic marketing tool as, according to stats, 80% of users follow a business or brand. With […]
  • Twitter Search header
    How To Use Twitter Advanced Search
    Twitter Advanced Search Twitter Advanced Search is going to change how you view Twitter! Although you may had heard that Twitter is on the decline, especially […]
  • The Ultimate Twitter for Business Guide
    The Ultimate Twitter for Business Guide
    The Ultimate Twitter for Business Guide So you’re ready to take a tweet of fate and start using Twitter for business?! We know it can be […]
  • Delete a facebook group
    How to Delete a Facebook Group
    How to Delete a Facebook Group What is a Facebook Group? A Facebook Group is a feature within Facebook where users can come together to share […]
  • how to create a facebook group
    How To Create A Facebook Group
    What is a Facebook Group? A Facebook Group is a feature within Facebook where users can build a community of likeminded people and create a forum […]
  • Facebook advertising blog
    8 Mistakes Novices Make With Facebook Advertising
    Stats show that an average Facebook user clicks on 11 Ads per month, and with approximately 2.41 billion monthly active Facebook users, it’s clearly the place […]
  • Instagram for Business
    5 winning ways to use Instagram for small businesses
    There are over 25 million companies across the world using Instagram for their business and over 200 million users visit at least one business profile every […]
  • Facebook Advertising
    Setting Up Your Facebook Advertising Account
    Everything you need to know about setting up your Facebook Advertising Account Did you ever have to manage more than one page or a business on […]
  • Understanding Social Media Terms.
    Understanding Social Media Terms- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest
    Say what?  A breakdown of the most used words on social media. Love social media, but not too sure what some of the jargon means? We’ve […]
  • Twitter for events
    3 Times to Utilise Social Media at Events Using Twitter
    Twitter for Events Have you ever been having a conversation with yourself – in a muttering under your breath kind of way – and someone answered? […]
  • Twitter Tips
    Find the right twitter tip for you!
    Twitter tip 5: Spot a tweet you would like to revisit when you have more time? Best to bookmark it so that you don’t have to waste time scrolling trying to find it later.
  • Facebook Advertising
    Facebook ads :9 reasons why they are a must for all businesses
    Considering investing in Facebook ads? Stop thinking and go for it!  Whether you are a small start-up or a multi-national brand, Facebook ads are a must for […]
  • LinkedIn Video Guide
    The Essential Guide to LinkedIn Video
    Did you know that in any 30 day period, more video content is uploaded to the internet than has been created by major TV stations in […]
  • Add a facebook admin
    How to add an administrator to Facebook
    Let us show you how to add an administrator to a Facebook Business Page? Are you still confused about what kinds of functions are available and […]
  • Google my business
    What is “Google My Business”?
    "Google My Business" is a tool that's totally free of cost and would help your small business create as well as manage their listings on Google. Let's learn a little about Google listings.
  • social media
    5 ways a social media manager can transform your business
    Did you know that social media and video viewing are the two most popular online activities, together accounting for more than a third of the time […]
  • Dancer- what is tiktok
    What is TikTok?
    What is Tik Tok? It’s time for the lowdown on the app that’s bigger than Twitter and Snapchat! Haven’t heard of TikTok? If you have a […]
  • Everyone is creative
    Everyone can design…you just need a little help!
    Let’s get straight to it – design programs like Photoshop or Illustrator can send even the boldest of creatives running for the hills; trust me, I […]
  • Twitter Lists
    11 Clever Ways To Use Twitter Lists
    Do you need Twitter lists? Well, let’s see: Is your Twitter feed a bit of a mess? Are relevant business tweets mixed up with special offers […]
  • facebook-groups-are-they-really-that-important
    Facebook groups, are they really that important?
    Yes is the emphatic answer to this question. Facebook groups are becoming more important as we speak! Why?  Well, over 1.4 billion people, more than half […]
  • Canva for business
    5 Steps for Creating Visual Content With Canva
    Whether you're creating a Social graphic for your Instagram account or infographic for your Gym members, you’ll probably be wondering where you should start with Canva.
  • Twitter hashtag
    Tweet! Tweet! 5 speedy Twitter tips for small businesses.
    The home of the hashtag has come a long way since its 2006 debut as a simple platform for telling people what they are up to. […]
  • instagram logos
    5 Excellent Apps to instantly upgrade your Instagram stories
      As more and more people are using Instagram to discover brands and businesses, your Instagram profile is becoming just as important as your website’s homepage. […]
  • Twitter marketing training
    6 Super Marketing Tips for Instagram
      With over 1 billion account holders, 500 million daily active users and 100 million photos and videos uploaded each day, Instagram has catapulted to the […]
  • Pinterest
    Do these things on Pinterest right now. 
    Improve your Pinterest Images . A really good Pinterest image can be the difference between someone clicking/pinning your pin or them scrolling right by. Take the time […]
  • thesocialnetwork_socialmedia_management
    5 Ways to Engage Your Followers
    Let’s start 2019 with a bang!   We are going to show you 5 great content ideas that you can do on any Social Media platform […]
  • Facebook Like
    Top 5 things to do on Facebook right now.
    There are some mistakes I see happening quite a bit on social media. So every month I will be giving you tips to help your business […]
  • Fake-Followers
    Don’t be vain!!
    Today I’m going to talk about why you should not buy followers. I talk a lot in my training for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  About how […]

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