• social media tips
    Do these things on Pinterest right now. 
    Improve your Pinterest Images . A really good Pinterest image can be the difference between someone clicking/pinning your pin or them scrolling right by. Take the time […]
  • thesocialnetwork_socialmedia_management
    5 Ways to Engage Your Followers
    Let’s start 2019 with a bang!   We are going to show you 5 great content ideas that you can do on any Social Media platform […]
  • Top 5 things to do on Facebook right now.
    There are some mistakes I see happening quite a bit on social media. So every month I will be giving you tips to help your business […]
  • Fake-Followers
    Don’t be vain!!
    Today I’m going to talk about why you should not buy followers. I talk a lot in my training for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  About how […]

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