Jacinta is an accredited #shemeansbusiness Facebook trainer who offers free training sessions for Facebook and Instagram


About Me

I have worked in digital marketing for the last 6 years. This year I was delighted to become a Facebook Accredited Trainer with #shemeansbusiness.

Thanks to taking part in this program I am able to provide workshops and online resources that will arm both aspiring and established women entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, connections and technology required to build and grow their businesses with the Facebook suite of apps.

Grow Your Business

Grow your business and learn how to create an online presence that will help you with your marketing.


Training Topics Include

  • Get started with Facebook Business Suite
  • Create deeper connections with messenger
  • Attracting customers to your WhatsApp business account
  • Establish your presence on Whatsapp
  • Create an ad from your Facebook page
  • Create Instagram promotions in 5 steps
  • Create a virtual storefront with Shops
  • Establish your presence on Facebook and Instagram
  • Use WhatsApp to grow your business
  • Drive results using Facebook messenger
  • Growing your business internationally
  • Ads manager campaign strategies

What Past Learners Say

Unlocking the potential of women entrepreneurs remains a crucial challenge of our time. That is why Facebook launched #SheMeansBusiness, as its long-term commitment to women’s economic empowerment.

The program supports women-owned enterprises to enter the digital economy, through skills training and business inspiration.

Globally, #SheMeansBusiness and its strong network of community partners have trained one million women across 38 markets.




Getting proper guidance in the social media space is a must for any business that is time poor but needs to make a big impact online

and Jacinta is certainly the person to contact if you do have a requirement in this space.


She completely changed my look on social media and made me understand how important it is in today s fast-moving world!! Can’t thank you enough Jacinta 


She has shown me so much and her easy to follow approach is second to none. Everything she thought has me made complete sense and I could implement it to my business straight away, I see results immediately. 



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Great Social Media Campaigns

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Why Use Facebook Commerce Manager?

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