There are some mistakes I see happening quite a bit on social media. So every month I will be giving you tips to help your business page. This month I have looked at Facebook business pages.

Tip 1.

Ensure your username is easily recognisable as your business. This will allow customers to tag you. Sometimes we see businesses that have usernames that are completely different than the actual business name. @bestchipperintheworld for example, now this is fine if that is the name of your business or your tag line but if your business is actually called MRChip then call it @mrchip. If that username is taken don’t just add a number or something random. Add your town name eg @mrchipLaois. Do try to keep the username as short as possible. When people are typing your username in to tag you, lots of suggestions will come up from Facebook. If it’s a really long username, then it’s going to get frustrating. It is also important to keep the same username across all the different platforms.

Tip 2.

Create a header image that is the right size. You can use Canva ( or Design Wizard to ensure that your design is the right size. When you go into these online tools you will see there are templates already there.

These templates will be the correct size for your header image on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With the Facebook header image, I suggest you check what it looks like on mobile. With my clients, 85%+ of their page visitors are coming from a mobile device so you want to make sure that your image looks really good on mobile. If you have a lot of text in your image it may be cut off on either side.

Tip 3.

Check out who your followers are. Head into insights and investigate who your actual followers are. Is your reach low because the majority of your followers are based in Brazil when you are a local shop in Kerry for example? Are your followers all male and you have been posting mainly female products. Knowing your target audience is important but knowing your actual audience is essential.

Tip 4 .

Review your page and check that all of your information is up to date and correct. Make sure you have the most appropriate call to action button. Think how do you actually want your client to connect with you? You may want them to sign up to your newsletter more than you want them to call you. A great little free tool here that will help you check you have all your details in and how your page is performing: Likealyzer


Tip 5.

Connect with other businesses in your area or sector. Promoting “shop local” initiatives is a great way to get a town working together and building a community online. If you are a restaurant that uses local produce it is really great to be able to connect with those businesses that supply you. While you are telling your story of how you make your special tomato sauce a shout out to the local supplier would be great.


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